1000 Songs Trailer

“1000 Songs”, Documentary Short (9mins 30 secs) features 83 year old journey-man musician and R&B singer Ricky Rose of Brooklyn New York. Ricky has been playing music for 70 years and despite “never making it to the big time” his passion for playing live has never dimmed.

As the live music scene in Brooklyn nightclubs slowly eroded, ceding the way to DJ’s and electronic production, Ricky found himself with few places to play until he found a local mechanics garage in Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn. Every Saturday night Ricky and an eclectic mix of “old timers” and younger musicians, emblematic of a rapidly gentrifying Brooklyn, come to the garage to swap tunes and play into the midnight hour. Ricky’s repertoire spans 7 decades of popular music and his knowledge of well over a 1000 songs always keeps the party going.

“1000 Songs” pays homage to a Brooklyn that once was teeming with night clubs and a vibrant live music scene that is long gone except for a few of the musicians like Ricky who played in its heyday. Live performances by Ricky pepper this short documentary that examines the shifting role live music plays in our culture.

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